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Aggregating frequent locations with MGRS and DBSCAN

In computer science in general and in data science in particular dealing with continuous values is sometimes tricky. There are plenty of ways to understand a given dataset and many more of extracting the value of it. However, in this entry, we will focus on an application of using discretization and clustering with spatial data. […]

Evolution of calling Python from Node

A bit of disclaimer here: I just started learning Node.js from this project so still consider myself a very bad Node.js developer. There might be errors or things I’m not aware of. A bit of background At Geoblink, we have 3 different tech teams: Infra, which I won’t talk about here Core, the web team […]

How to scrape a website

If you came to this page and you feel like extracting content from a webpage for any good (and legal, be very careful with this as there are several lawsuits currently in courts) reason, you have landed to the right place: here is our Web Scraper tutorial! At Geoblink, culture is one of our key values…Victor […]

Encrypting a directory in Linux

Safety is something we developers care about. In this modern life our most valuable information is in our electronic devices, and if you are reading this you probably use Linux. Then yes, you found the proper post to keep your secrets safe from the bad guys. Supposing you use Ubuntu I’ll explain how to encrypt […]

From AngularJS to Vue without dying in the attempt

You should know by now that here at Geoblink we work with a humongous amount of data, most of which has to be beautifully displayed across the whole app. That means that, besides needing a good performance on our backend to serve that data, we need a good performance on the browser side to process […]